The Hungarian Parliament Building at Night
Hangin’ Around
Smoke in Flight
Loyal Friend
Follow Me!
The Great Wall of China at Badaling
The Wool Maker
Hong Kong Skyline
Bristol City Centre at Night
Maasai Mara Sunrise

‘Snow Joking Around!

Friday was a shock to the system, but kind of expected – we’ve had about 4 years of snow in the weeks just after New Years and it creates a fantastic new landscape to take photos of.

I didn’t want to risk crashing my car trying to get to work (it’s all minor, winding roads – so not worth it), especially when I can do everything remotely – which was good practice in getting me into the swing of things, ready for when I leave work on Friday and start as self-employed. I’m pretty excited!

Below are a couple of photos from Friday lunchtime. Also, take a look at my portfolio to see what I’m going to be getting up to in my new venture!